Storytime: Frogs

What a great turnout! You just never really know how many will show up sometimes. I was surprised too, considering there is a ton of construction happening in front of the shop currently. Here are the books we read:

We started with I Don’t Want to be a Frog by Dev Petty. The children really liked the illustrations and the repetition was nice for reading aloud. It was a bit long for this age group though. Next, we read Frog and Fly: Six Slurpy Stories by Jeff Mack. This book is written with six “chapters.” I thought it might be fun to include a book set up like a comic. Each page had about two panels. It was a cute story, but I think the word balloons confused the kiddos. Last, we read That’s Not My Frog by Fionna Watt. This book has many textures so I invited the kiddos to come up and touch each page. They loved it! I cannot recommend this series by Usborne enough.

We had a super fun craft this time. Kids and parents both enjoyed it. To prep, I panted paper plates red and green. I glued them together.

The kids were given two cotton balls, two googly eyes, and one party blower. I had already cut a whole in the plates to insert the party blower to represent the tongue. They absolutely loved it! I highly recommend this craft.

This was a very fun storytime with lots of laughs and ribbits. See you next week!


Storytime: Monsters

This storytime was amazing! We had so much fun with the readings and craft. Here is what we read:

First, we read Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Ed Emberley. The cutouts are great for shape recognition and the repetition makes for a great read aloud. My copy has a sparkly cover so they were immediately entranced. They just love anything with sparkle or glitter 🙂 Next, we read If Your A Monster and You Know It by Rebecca Emberley. (The Emberleys must really like monsters.) This was a blast! The book is meant to be sung along with to the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It. I had the kiddos stand up. There were movements like “stomp your paws” and “twitch your tail.” They loved it. Last, we read Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty. It was a little difficult to settle the kids down after such an interactive book, but eventually they calmed down for the much calmer Jeremy book. They had a lot of questions about this book. Why is the monster so demanding? Why does Jeremy make the monster leave? It was pretty fun to see them so engaged.

For our craft we made scribble monsters. You could not ask for a cheaper easier craft. I had some monster stickers of eyes, noses, mouths, horns, and wings. So we made scribbles on half sheets of paper and added the stickers to make monsters. I found these stickers at a local craft store, but I’m sure using googly eyes would be just as much fun.

Here is one that one of my kiddos made. She named him Bobby 🙂



Storytime: Moon and Stars

This was a very sweet storytime. I think the craft ended up being a little too intensive for this age group. But to start, this is what we read…

First, we read The Moon’s Almost Here by Patricia MacLachlan. The illustrations were soft and beautiful. The kiddos enjoyed making noises of the animals as they went to sleep. Next, we read Kitten’s First Full Moon by Kevin Henkes. I loved the contrast of the black and white illustrations. They really made the moon stand out. The children enjoyed the pictures of the kitten, too. Last, we read Papa, Please Get the Moon for Me by Eric Carle. This book has some spectacular pop ups and pull outs that really engaged the kids. If you do a moon storytime, you definitely need to add this to your list.

For our craft, we made a moon and stars mobile. To prep, I cut out crescent moons out of cardboard. I also cut out stars using a thick paper grocery bag. I would recommend using something thicker like felt or cardboard, or finding foam stars at your local craft store. After gluing on the glitter, the stars curled a bit.

I used the lovely blue leftover glitter from our Snow craft to glue to the stars. At storytime, I provided the kiddos with pieces of aluminum foil to wrap around their moon template. The loved playing with the foil. Then we punched three holes in the bottom of the moon and attached our stars. Then we punched two more holes at the top of the moon and tied more string to allow it to hang.

This was certainly a cute craft, but definitely for an older age group. the string tying was too complicated for them and there just wasn’t enough interaction for the children to be engaged in the craft. Still, a fun storytime. I would just pick a different craft.