Storytime: Love

To celebrate Valentines Day, we did a love theme. The kiddos were very sweet. To start we went around the room and said some things we loved. We got some friends, family, and of course… pizza 🙂 Here’s what we read:

First, we read Three little Words by Clemency Pearce. The kiddos really liked all of the animals. The book was perfect for reading aloud: rhyme and repetition. Next, we read My Heart Is Like a Zoo by Michael Hall. This was really fun to point out all the hearts that made up the animals. Last, we read Plant a Kiss by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I had some very confused faces in the crowd, but they liked the illustrations.

For our craft we made a Valentine they could give to someone. I think this craft was too simple. They got disinterested pretty quick. I should have brought crayons for them to color the pages, too.

This storytime definitely needs to be refined, especially the craft. See you next week!


Storytime: Art

This storytime was just meh. I’m not sure what it was, but the kiddos just weren’t very enthusiastic today. Maybe they could tell that I’m tired from grad school. Anywhooooo this is what we read:

First, we read Bear’s Picture by Daniel Pinkwater. I think this one was a little long for the group but they loved bear’s abstract painting. Next, we read an Eric Carle, The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse. They loved the fun colors of the animals and we had fun making animal noises. Last, we read Blue Chicken by Deborah Freedman. This one was a hit. They loved the water color blue spreading across the page.

For our craft, we made paint pallets. Of course, I would have loved to have them paint everywhere, but since we are in a store we have to keep our crafts pretty tidy. (The store has partnered with The Basement Community Art Studio and does painting for babies every Monday!) Instead, we used colorful pom pom balls which the kiddos loved playing with. I got them from my local craft store at a great price. I cut out our pallets out of cardboard and let the kids glue the pom poms on. Honestly, they had more fun just playing with the pom poms 🙂