Storytime: Mice

AHHH MICE! These were sweet mice though. Here’s what we read this week.

First, we read Busy, Busy Mouse by Virginia Kroll. We followed mouse throughout his day as the rest of the house gets up, eats, and plays. There was a lot to look at in this book so I paused for a good amount of time on each page so they could get a closer look. Next, we read How to Catch a Mouse by Phillipa Leathers. We loved Clemmie the cat! They thought the mouse disguising himself was very funny. Last, we read A Surprise for Tiny Mouse by Petr Horacek. This book was perfect to end on. They stayed engaged the whole time and loved the cutouts and spinning wheel at the end to create a rainbow.

For our craft, we made mouse whiskers and ears on Popsicle sticks. This was an easy craft to prepare. I found it on Cafe Mom.  It was so cute up against their little faces! I had wanted to do mouse finger puppets, but I am so glad I went with a less intensive craft. Sometimes, the simpler the better!


See you next week! There may be a live animal involved 🙂


Storytime: Shapes

We’re back! Last week was Spring Break for me and our shop owner took a nice little beach vacation. Today we were back in the swing of things a did a storytime about shapes. Here is what we read:

First, we read Go, Shapes, Go by Denise Fleming. This sweet and textural book shows the creation of a monkey using different shapes. Next, we read another book with mice and shapes… Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stoll Walsh. These resourceful mice create larger mice out of shapes to scare away a cat. Last, we read Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert. This book had some amazing cut out showing how shapes layered on top of each other can create animals.

For our craft, we made shape mobiles. I found some amazing foam sheets at my local craft store and cut them into rectangles, squares, circles, and triangles. I used leftover plates from a previous craft and punched holes in the side to hang the shapes down from.

I also brought crayons so the kiddos could personalize the tops of their mobiles. They really liked the foam shapes, but had some trouble tying the strings. I’m getting more babies in my storytime lately. This is great! The more the merrier! But I think I need to make my crafts a bit more accessible to everyone. See you next week!


Storytime: Color (Babies)

This theme was meant to be for toddlers, but at storytime today I only had two babies under 1. This hasn’t happened before, so I had to improvise since my craft was meant for toddler age kiddos. I never want to turn anyone away just because the craft isn’t age appropriate! There was a new momma there too, so I wanted to make her feel welcome. I scrapped the craft (which I will definitely use at another date). Instead we just read the picture books I had planned, plus one that I keep with me just in case. Here is what we read:

First, we read Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? by Bill Martin Jr. Everyone loves this book with Eric Carle’s bright illustrations. Next we read Lemons Are Not Red by Laura Vaccaro Seeger. This book has some wonderful bright colors and fun cut outs. Next, we read Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson. I highly recommend this book when reading about color. There will be one spread of just bear and a friend on a white background, so when you turn the page the full color really pops. Last, we read A Color of His Own by Leo Lionni. This is a really sweet book about accepting yourself and friendship, while also teaching colors.

I kept the two babies entertained by sitting on the stage with them and keeping the books on the ground. It was tummy time more than anything. This makes me want to work on some songs and rhymes to keep in my back pocket for situations such as these. Not my typical storytime, but still fun and sweet.


Storytime: Zoo

The Zoo! I was very excited to do this storytime. I hope I get another chance to do it again because there are so many book and craft options with the zoo. Here is what we read:

First, we read Dear Zoo by Rod Campbell. This is a really great book for smaller groups with all the flaps and lifts. Next, we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? by Bill Martin Jr. This is a great classic with wonderful bright colors. Last, we read 1, 2, 3, To The Zoo by Eric Carle. Again, another classic with bright illustrations. The kiddos really liked all of the counting in this one.

For our craft, we made newspaper koala bears. I prepped strips of newspaper for them to glue and provided them with paper plates with gray ears already glued on.


Overall, it was a sweet storytime with lots of animal noises! I hope I can do another zoo theme soon.