Storytime: Me!

I absolutely love the craft for this storytime. The kiddos little finger prints were so cute! Here is what we read:

First we read Incredible Me! by Kathi Appelt. This book is full of great read aloud goofy rhyming. I love the child like illustrations, too. Next we read a classic Here Are My Hands by Bill Martin Jr. and John Archambault. This ended up being fun because the parents got involved and pointed at the specific body part on their child being read about. “Here are my feet for stomping and going” — and we would point at their feet and wiggle them. It was really sweet. I love when I can get some parent involvement. Last, we read Red by Michael Hall. I absolutely love this book.  It is such a great concept and empowering message of uniqueness. I love how the “older” crayons are shorter because they’ve been used more. A very creative story with creative illustrations.

For our craft, we used ink pads to fingerprint. I printed out smaller cards on thick paper that read “I’m Thumb-body Special!” Each child printed their thumbprint on the card and could decorate how they wanted. i brought crayons and glitter glue to decorate. Some of those prints were oh so tiny!


A sweet storytime to remind the kiddos that they are unique and special in so many ways! See you next week!


Storytime: Bunnies

What an amazing storytime! I love any opportunity to give the kiddos a brand new experience. I decided to do this storytime after getting a baby bunny a couple of months ago. Here is what we read:

First, we read The Wonderful Habits of Rabbits by Douglas Florian. A bit long, but fun rhyming and great for reading aloud. Second, we read Love by Emma Dodd. Emma Dodd always has such sweet books. You can’t help but love those little bunnies! Last, we read Little White Rabbit by Kevin Henkes. Henkes’s illustrations are always so lovely and vibrant. Everyone was very engaged during all of the stories. I may do another bunny storytime because there are so many great books out there with bunny rabbits.

This week we didn’t do a craft. We had a ton of fun playing with my bunny rabbit Mort, though! I was a bit concerned about ears being pulled or fingers being chomped, but the kiddos were so sweet to Mort and gave him kisses! It was sweet and a good experience for the kids.


I also gave them each an Easter egg in the shape of a rabbit with some stickers inside. I found these at a local craft shop for really cheap.


Overall, we had a great storytime with our exciting guest 🙂 See you next week!