Storytime: Gardening

I was hoping to get the kiddos outside a bit and do a gardening craft. Unfortunately, it decided to rain all day, so we did it inside. I still think they had a great time. Here is what we read:

First, we read My Garden by Kevin Henkes. I absolutely love Kevin Henkes illustrations and use his books as often as I can. In this book, a little girl envisions what she would put in her garden including jelly bean bushes and chocolate rabbits. Next, we read The Wind’s Garden by Bethany Roberts. It tells the story of a woman planting a garden in orderly rows and the wind planting a garden on its own. This book has a lot of good “I Spy” opportunities with critters found throughout the garden. Last, we read I Have A Garden by Bob Barner. This book shows a dog and all the things he finds in his garden. It’s simplicity in illustration and story was a perfect end to the storytime.

For our craft, we planted grass in little peat pots that the kids could take home. I brought a big tupperware full of potting soil so they could get their hands into the dirt without getting too messy. You can get peat pots for really cheap at any home and garden store. I chose to do grass seeds because the sprout pretty quick. This was pretty involved craft, so unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures! If anyone sends me a pic of their sprouted plants though, I will add it here later. See you next week!


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