Storytime: Pirates

Arrrrrrrrr mateys! Its a pirate theme! Here’s what we read:

First, we read Shiver Me Letters by June Sobel. This was a fabulous ABC’s book. We had fun yelling RRRRRR with the captain :). Next, we read Pirate Nap by Danna Smith. This was a lovely book of colors about some rowdy boys who refuse to nap. The parents enjoyed this one too (I think they could relate haha). Next, we read Pajama Pirates by Andrew Kramer. All of these books had splendid rhyming for reading aloud. We read a little longer than we normally do, but the kids were able to stay attentive through most of the books.

Instead of doing a craft this week, we did an actviity. I purchased a bag of sand from by home improvement store for about $4. I put some fun “treasures” in a bucket that the kids could dig up using some plastic shovels and rakes I purchased for about $1. Let me tell you that SAND IS HEAVY! Who would have thought? Transporting this sand from my parking spot and through downtown to the shop was quite an undertaking, but totally worth it. The kids absolutely loved it!

IMG_5960They kept saying “buried treasure!,” and we made a big show of it when someone dug something up. It was a little messy, but not as bad as I anticipated. I’ve found that children are much cleaner than I give them credit for!

See you next week!


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